Valentin Martinez Missir





Canopée is a ceiling light lampshade made of high-quality and eco-friendly paper.

Each Canopée is composed of paper leaves foliage directly inspired by Gingko Biloba's shape. Canopée leaves can be arranged as you please to give your rooms a unique poetic, warm and natural ambiance.

Each leaf is carefully cut using a laser cutter to let light pass through organic venation patterns. Canopée's nature-inspired patterns illuminate your space with an interplay of shadows and lights. Layering the leaves create a unique light game evoking sunlight piercing through lush vegetation.

Our inspiration for the shape of Canopée takes its roots from the Gingko Biloba leaves. This ancient tree native from China is a 270 million years old species. Known for its longevity and resilience, it is also one of the oldest medicinal plants ever used. This species which has stood many eras is full of symbols. This poetic and elegant tree inspired us in the creation of Canopée.

Being made of trees, Canopée's paper is a tribute to its source. The paper material is an ephemeral material but the ginkgo's shape wishes longevity, serenity and resilience to your home.

We are working conjointly with a design production workshop in the heart of Paris. As we wanted to stay local and to work at a human scale with people, we decided to restrain ourselves to nearby small scales businesses and so we had to limit the number of Canopée available to 200 units.

Canopee was fully funded in less than 24 hours ! and is currently live on Kickstarter.