Valentin Martinez Missir




Creative technologist student at DVIC. My work is a design practice through empiric experimentation, with an emphasis on Sustainable Design & Interactive Design fields.

I'm currently doing an internship as Guest Researcher at the Sensorimotor Interaction Group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. You can contact me at : val.martinez.missir@gmail.com


Soft BioBotic

Using Edible and Eco-friendly materials for Soft Robot fabrication

Guiding soft robotic & inflatable soft structures toward a more sustainable and renewable path.

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Sensurface Capacitive Touch Sensor

A modular plateform for prototyping touch interfaces

This module make touch sensing easier to prototype with various type of materials.

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Plant Human Interaction

What if plants can talk, sing or even scream ?

This project aim to give a voice to the plants and imagine a future where we can interact with the vegetals around us.

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Silly Sili Quickstarter

"Canopée [ka.nɔ.pe] : The uppermost branches of the trees in a forest, forming a more or less continuous layer of foliage."

Canopée is a ceiling light lampshade made of high-quality and eco-friendly paper.

Canopée is allready fully funded and currently available on Kickstarter !

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Silly Sili Quickstarter

Silly Sili are colorful and sweet silicone planks. In this joyful construction game, each color is associated to a different hardness to vary the possibilities.

This project was succesfully funded on the Kickstater plateform.

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Experiments and previous projects exploring sustainable materials, creative coding, generative 3D modeling, photography and more.

SCOBY leather Pen case

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Bioplastic Make-up case

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Grasshoper Generative Design

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Pure Data Generative Artwork

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Cyanotype Printing Artwork

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Film Photography

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