Valentin Martinez Missir





This project is an exploration of plants as interfaces. The project ambition is to create a new way to interact with the vegetal world, while offering a poetic interaction with our indoor plants.

This project try to bring our indoor plants as touch sensors by being able to make them "sing" on touch, through the use of galvanic conductance.

This project was exhibited in the entrance of our lab, were the visitors used it as an entrance bell.

In this project the plant is making sounds while touched, using an replicated open source biodata-sonification device, the Midi Sprout.

The open source Bio-sonification device translates subtles changes of conductivity of a surface as MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and send it to a MIDI synthesizer to produce sound. The device measures the fluctuation of current between two electrodes. Changes are then detected using averages and standard deviation calculations which then produce MIDI notes.