Valentin Martinez Missir





Silly Sili are colorful and sweet silicone planks. In this joyful construction game, each color is associated to a different hardness to vary the possibilities.

This project is the outcome of a workshop conducted by Oscar Lhermitte and was fully funded in 24 hours on the KickStarter plateform. This project was realised with two other students : Berenice Dufaure and Thomas Raynal

Since our childhood, we have been making structures only with solid materials. It became soon difficult to figure how to build something using flexible materials. By giving this game to a child, we are expecting him to achieve structures that you have never thought about because he might not have any bias !

We started this project by playing on the materials of differents objects. Thinking among ourselves, we had an idea : building a construction game in a soft material. We couldn't name any soft and flexible construction games so we wanted to create our own. We made few prototypes at our school with the available equipments, then we immediately had fun with them and so the Silly Sili project was born !

Flexible material structures are different, wider and smaller than solid ones. It becomes also another challenge to predict the weight distribution of soft planks in combination with classicals wood planks.

New creative construction possibilities can offer to the children an easy way to develop their creativity through this new dimension. We have compared dozens of colors to come up with these ones. Three colors are associated to a different hardness to offer more construction possibilities.

This was our very first project on the Kickstarter plateform and it was a success, the project goal was reached in less than 24 hours, and we finally attained 190% of our initial funding objective.